Monday, April 29, 2013

The One From

I don't know why, I keep writing utilities which already has (yes, check out my Auto Mouse Cick Generator). But this isn't without a reason.

As far as "Window Title Changer" is concerned, I like one one from Murgee as it works but, again, no search feature and I don't want loads of other feature that they provided. Also, it isn't open source and I am not sure how makes money without any advertisement on their website. If they are for so much into giving back to community, they should have software published under open source license.

Inspiration of Windows Title Changer

For some weird reasons, I had to change window title of one application for which I don't have the code. I searched for the "Window Title Changer" in Google and found many but all of them were complex and without search feature. So I thought to have my own, just because I can! It wasn't much coding, may be took like 30 mins to write and 30 mins to publish on Source Forge.

Change Any Window Title In Runtime

Window Title Changer is a small open source utility to change any window tittle of any running process.

How to use:

  1. Provide search hint in "Current Name" text box. Application will populate all running windows whose title is starting this hint into lists below that.
  2. Now select  one window from this list whose title you want to change.
  3. After selecting your target window, give new name in text box under "New Name" title.
  4. Click on "Change Title" to change the title.

Please post your comments here in this blog post to give constructive suggestion about this application. If I have time and I like your suggestion, I will make change in application. This application is published under GPL 3 license so you can always download the code from and modify it.